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     Tropical Pond Plants will cause your order to be shipped later then you might have thought, they typically ship around the end of May. Please leave a comment during the checkout process if you would like your order to ship sooner. We are not liable for plants that ship early.

2 Gal (10" x 6")

    We recommend using the two gallon planting container for all tropical shelf plants. Use top soil, gravel should be placed on top to anchor the soil. We also suggest that standard fertilizer be used, two to three per container.

- Price: $2.95 each

Dwarf Umbrella Palm

Tropical Pond Plants - Dwarf Umbrella Palm

    This variety of the umbrella palm plant only grows about 2' tall. As with all the Cyperus plants it is viviparous and will grow new plants from the junction of the leaf and stem.

Retail: $12.00

Sale Price: $10.00

Imperial Taro

Tropical Pond Plants - Imperial Taro

    An elegant plant that has black and green variegated leaves. Very exotic. Grows 24" to 30" tall and can easily be wintered over as a houseplant.

Retail: $12.00

Sale Price: $10.00

Canna Bengal Tiger

Tropical Pond Plants - Canna Bengal Tiger

    The large yellow and green striped leaves are truly showy. This canna grows 4' to 5' high and is gloriously topped with large brilliant orange flowers.

Retail: $12.00

Sale Price: $10.00

Red Bog Lily

Tropical Pond Plants - Red Bog Lily

    A new plant featuring burgundy, lance-shaped leaves standing 18" to 24" high. Pastel pink flowers spread to 6". The striking foliage and flowers will be a great addition to any water garden.

Retail: $15.00

Sale Price: $12.00

Spider Lily

Tropical Pond Plants - Spider Lily

    This plant has white spring and summer flowers and grows about 2' tall. The leaves are strap-like. It can be easily wintered as a houseplant.

Retail: $12.00

Sale Price: $9.00